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The Library versions of the Lewis Desk Series are designed for 1 - 3 persons to be seated on each side. Up to 6 people can comfortably work, study, read or build arts and crafts together at one desk… just as you would at a library.    

We are offering two versions of the Lewis Library Desk. V1 will have a left hand drawer on both lengthwise sides. V2 will have a center drawer on both lengthwise sides. V1 and V2 drawers are identical in size.

The desks will be constructed using a beefy 1-½" thick hand planed top and proportionate base, maintaining the Lewis Collection signature lines. Hidden within the stiles and rails of the base will be a frame constructed of Purple Heart (or hardwood of equal / greater Janka value) for generations of strength and stability. Both the lengthwise sides of the desk will boast one hand dovetail constructed hardwood drawer boxes utilizing hardwood drawer guides. The Lewis Desks will be sealed with oil and finished with wax.

As with all our furniture, the Lewis Desk will be made in the USA using a combination of traditional joinery.


Lewis Library Desk 7' will start at $7000 + Options

Lewis Library Desk 6' will start at $6300 + Options

Lewis Library Desk 5-6"' will start at $5600 + Options

The Lewis Desk Series is now available for custom order.


Clients placing custom orders will have their Lewis Desk built utilizing the hardwood of their choosing. The hand dovetailed drawers can be optioned with any two species of hardwood as well as leather / hardwood drawer bottoms. 

Please fill out the adjoining form and we'll respond as soon as possible to discuss the custom details for your Lewis Desk.