Project Description

Project Brief

I modeled (not replicated) my 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour’s restoration after my favorite rider: Kevin Jones’ 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour. I first saw Kevin Jones and his GT in the August 1989 Freestylin’ Magazine. It soon became clear that every trick Kevin Jones did was original and revolutionary. He basically invented forward rolling tricks and flatland as we know it today. Every trick riders do today were invented by Kevin Jones or a variation there of. So, whether it was by association or just the bike itself, Kevin Jones’ GT Pro Freestyle Tour was the greatest bike I’d ever seen. It was all GT but built as unique as the guy riding it.

Brief History of the 1987-89 Pro Freestyle Tour:

The 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model was the freestyle bike to have back in the 80’s (assuming you were a GT guy and not a HARO guy). The Pro Freestyle Tour frame, fork, seat post and handlebars were still being manufactured in the USA (many in Huntington Beach, CA) and were made entirely from 4130 Chromoly steel tubing. This separated the Pro Freestyle Tour from the rest of the GT freestyle line as GT had begun building their Performers using high-tensile steel (considered by most to be an inferior metal to 4130 Chromoly) back in 1986. Aside from the frame, fork, seat post and bars, almost all the quality component parts were made in Japan by companies such as SR, UKAI, Dia-Compe and Viscount.


The Pro Freestyle Tour came with a unique double-bend downtube and has a very respectable geometry even by today’s standards. It has a 72 degree seat tube, 74.5 head tube (GT claimed 75 degree but I have my serious doubts), 18” top tube and 13.75” chainstays (slammed). It has integrated 990 connections on the chainstays and integrated lower gyro cable tabs within the double bend downtube. The easiest way to differentiate a true 87-89 Pro Freestyle Tour from the later/similar high-tensile steel models would be the “roll-of-coins” intersecting the top tube and seat stays clearly displaying the “GT 4130” stamp on both sides.

Project Information

  • Frame: 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour
  • Fork: 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour
  • Handlebars: 1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour
  • Grips: Jive Handles 
  • Bar Ends: Jive Handles
  • Seatpost: Robinson “RRR” Layback (chrome)
  • Seatpost Clamp: PYOTT (hand polished)
  • Seat: 1988 GT 
  • Headset: GT EPOCH (Freestyle)
  • Stem: 1989 GT Pro Series XL (polished) w/DK Hollow Bolt (Potts Mod)
  • Front Brake: Dia-Compe 883 NIPPON (“87” stamped)
  • Rear Brake: Dia-Compe AD-990 (“87” stamped)
  • Brake Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 7s
  • Detangler: Odyssey GYRO (1st Gen)
  • Upper GYRO Cables: SST ORYG (shortened at the top using a Lucky Bolt)
  • Lower GYRO Cables: 1st Gen Odyssey Downtube Cable Housing + SST ORYG Lower Cable +GYRO 2 V Cable Housings = FRANKENCABLE (shortened using Odyssey Knarps)
  • Brake Pads: Dia-Compe (1987-88 era)
  • Front Hub: 1st Gen GT Superlace / Sealed Bearing / Solid Axle / 36H (chrome)
  • Rear Hub: 1st Gen GT Superlace / Sealed Bearing / Solid Axle / 36H (chrome)
  • Freewheel: GT Ratchet 16T
  • Rims: UKAI Speedlines 20″x1.75″ 36H
  • Chainring: GT “winged logo” 43T
  • Power Disk: GT “three winged logos”
  • Chainring Bolts: GT (chrome)
  • Crank: GT Power Series Crank 180mm SR 89
  • Spindle: GT Power Series “SR”
  • Bottom Bracket: GT Power Series (chrome cups)
  • Pedals: Shimano DX
  • Chain: Izumi (black / silver)
  • Pegs Rear: PUNK PEGS (prototypes)
  • Pegs Front: PUNK PEGS (prototypes)
  • Tires: GT Freestyle 20″x1.75″ (black / tan wall)
  • Conceptual Design
  • Complete Build
  • Photography

Parts Highlights