Project Description

Project Brief

I created PUNK PEGS because there was a need to do so. Being a collector and rider of 80’s-90’s BMX bikes, the need for modern upgrades to deficient parts is ever present. One of the most common problems guys like me deal with is finding flatland pegs that fit old-school forks. It was also impossible to find “bolt-on” pegs in lieu of the axle destroying “thread-on” types. They simply didn’t exist. So, I decide to change that. PUNK PEGS are 31mm in outer diameter… just small enough to fit on an old-school BMX fork but, just small enough (inside diameter) to allow for a socket to fit inside and bolt them to the frame/fork. Currently, they are sold out… I even accidentally sold my last “keeper” set. Version 2.0 are in the works… stay tuned.

Project Information

  • Naming
  • Slogan – “BOLT-ON IS BETTER”
  • Conceptual Design
  • Product Photography
  • Manufacturing (USA)
  • Distribution

Conceptual Design / Prototypes