Project Description

Project Brief

The Peasant Skateboards “The Discipline” Deck is what you might call a “feeler” into the skateboard industry. I wanted to start off with an old-school feeling for our first deck. Old school deck collectors will tell you that some of the most sought after decks from the 80’s are Rip City’s Black Flag collection. You’d likely only know this if you are a fan of Black Flag. That being said, most people reading this will have already lost me.

Henry Rollins was was Black Flag’s longest-lasting vocalist (1981-1986). In my opinion, he and his era were the most influential.

Nobody “likes” Black Flag’s music…. IE you either love it or you hate it…. and I love it (well, most of it). It’s a musical hard pounding, out of control, runaway steam locomotive that can’t be described other than by saying… those who know… understand me.

Color: “Violent Violet” – Peasant Skateboards Signature Color

Shapes: Popsicle and “Punk Point”

“I am The Discipline” – Henry Rollins, My War – Who’s Got The 10 1/2

Project Information

  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Deck Design – Factory 13
  • Artwork Concept
  • Artwork – Paul Ainsworth
  • Product Photography
  • Manufacturing (USA)
  • Distribution

Conceptual Design / Merchandise